Not sure about Solar ? Here are some options !!

Solar is in the news, Solar is hot but leaves some in the cold. Not everyone can afford Solar. If you’ve been turned down and feel you don’t qualify or don’t have enough income to pay for Solar we have the answers for you.

If you want alternative options or want to wait till Solar is cheaper to install we have many options for you If you’re on a fixed income and can’t afford regular Solar installation we have finance terms up to 20 years to make energy upgrades to your home.

From newer A/C units, new energy efficient ducts, newer three pane windows to roof insulations.  There are many reasons why your electric and gas bills are higher. If your home is 15-20 years old ,  chances are it is not as energy efficient as today’s homes. It may need some minor repairs to make it more energy efficient.


Do you really need Solar?  What is your average electric bill? Do you have a big home with a swimming pool. Affordability has a sweet spot, if your monthly bill is over $250 you may benefit from Solar power.


A lot of the cold and hot air flowing through the ducts and vents could be lost if there are leaks in the ducts. Today’s ducts are more advanced and less air is lost due to leaks.


Just like a car or truck A/C system doesn’t work right with leaks, the same applies to home heating and A/C units. It is important to make sure there are no leaks in your ducts or even the A/C unit itself.


If you feel your home A/C and heating  unit is not performing to full capacity and may have leaks  we have professionals in your area who are licensed and bonded who will give you a free estimate. Sometimes the littlest defect or leak can cause the unit to underperform and use up unnecessary power.


We also have alternative home energy repairs financing available for all types of credit. Most require no money down and the loan may be tax deductible and funded in a few days.


You may also qualify for “future equity” loans if you live in an area with high appreciation trends .This means that if your home is located in a high property appreciation area there are banks and financial institutions that will give you a home improvement loan based on that. Call 888-444-5962 to get the details.


Remember when you sign up for Solar installation the Loan on the Solar panels and installation gets attached to the house.  That loan has to be paid off or transferred to sell the house if you ever wanted to. So it becomes a panel and chain loan that will not be easy to get rid of.


Contact us for a one on one consultation and see how our experts can help you lower your utility bills without making the commitment to Solar installation.


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